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Here is an important post from my friend williamyard:
williamyard said:

Ever notice that the ones doing the revolting are always unwashed, uncouth, uncool, unprepared, and/or unexpected? The Czar looks out his window and remarks, "What a peasant surprise!" Only in America do the peasants wear lipstick.

Michael Corleone, telling Hyman Roth about the martyred rebel, says "Now, soldiers are paid to fight. The rebels aren't," and Roth asks "What does that tell you?" and Michael replies, "It means they could win."

You hear that, Barack Obama? They could win.

Running an empire demands its own insularity. It rewards those who follow the SOPs. You cannot think outside a box that is hermetically sealed. Barack Obama is inside that box. The change he advocates is strictly by the book. He has the record to prove it.

Sarah Palin is also inside the box. But she doesn't have the record to prove it. She has the outsider's record, just like those who support her. They are outside the box, they have not been allowed in, and so they seize upon this fantasy--that she is "like them"--and that somehow she will go to sleep next to one of the space invaders' big green pods and not wake up with her soul replaced.

Everyone who works at that level of government is a soulless pod person. But we need them, these Presidents and Vice Presidents and Congressmen and Senators. Elected officials are a subspecies, a lower caste, eunuchs--democracy's niggers. Our first task is to admit that they have no souls, that their souls have been stolen by the intractable, inevitable, inexorable giant pod of political power, and therefore we must keep our eyes on them 24/7, never trust them, never believe a word they say, Republican or Democrat, frisk them, open their bags, strip-search them if necessary because they will rip us off and violate our trust and leave us worse off for the experience every single chance they get. And then they will be gone and another crew will have moved in, like a new generation of cockroaches.

This is OUR job, as responsible citizens and custodians of our country and our planet. Our job is NOT to project our lazy fantasies upon someone who panders to us, who pretends to be different, who is packaged and sold to us as "one of us."

Only a fool hires someone who is just like her. You hire someone you will whip until they bleed if necessary...or kiss their ass if necessary--same difference. Whatever works is the point. You ride them until they do the job, and when they balk or slow down you shit-can them and hire somebody else. And watch them like a hawk when they're on the register.

This is not a fucking game.

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