Natural Aristocrats

John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founding brothers coined a phrase: Natural Aristocracy. The notion that among the common people there are many who are capable of leadership. Okay, true. Look a little deeper at those natural aristocrats and tell me how they measure up to Sarah Palin:
One could argue that the Founders themselves constituted a self-appointed elite. They were unusually well-educated, literate, intellectually curious men, familiar with Greek and Roman history as well as the new ideas of the 18th century. Some of them were Ivy Leaguers like Obama; James Madison went to Princeton (at 13!), John Adams graduated from Harvard, and Hamilton attended Columbia. Jefferson was formidably intellectual, and his personal library became the basis of the Library of Congress. Hamilton and Ben Franklin were probably geniuses; despite their origins, they rose to prominence because older, established figures recognized their gifts.
Sound like Sarah? No. The nonsense over at Power Line and The Weekly Standard make the notion of NA, well, NA (not applicable). Comparing Sarah Palin to the Founding Fathers is a bit ridiculous. BUT THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT!!

McCain and company are counting on the fact that there simply aren't that many natural aristocrats around to peel back the bullshit that is the Republican party, and they know it.

Lets remember that John McCain graduated at the bottom of his class at Annapolis. And he crashed a few planes. And he flip-flops. And he picked a flying-wolf-hunter as his VP. This isn't 1808, and as williamyard said earlier, this is not a fucking game.

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