Olbermann & Matthews: Fuck Ups?

The story is that Olbermann and Matthews will not be doing political anchoring anymore because they snipe and are too liberal.

Okay. They do snipe. Too much sniping around lately indeed, with shovels and finger-jabber mocking and off-air (oops! not!) stoopid gaffes. But too liberal?

I mean, yeah, they are pretty liberal, Scarborough, Matthews, Todd. Oh, and Olbermann can get pretty lefty now and again. Maybe Maddow will be a bit lefty too. But after all these years of FOX, can't we have one place where the truth can be told without fear?

When Olbermann got sanctimonious about the 911 video shown at the Republican convention, HE WAS RIGHT! Yeah, he was a bit much. But he lost friends, and felt wrong saying nothing of the Republican's horrible video. He was right to call it out, his over-the-top special comments are right on, and he ought to be anchoring everything, if not for the truth, then for the humor.

Olbermann and Matthews make a crazy, spontaneous, intelligent (sometimes) team, and they are fun to watch. They also provide a rather benign--too benign--retort to FOX.

MSNBC has bowed to ratings and image. Fuck journalism, right? Who needs it?

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