Bernie's Affirmation

I think we love and respect Bernie because he affirmed what we already knew about the inherent unfairness built into the system we have, and fought to fix it out of concern, not ambition. The DNC emails sort of do the same thing -- who was surprised by their contents? Nobody. Our suspicions about our own corrupt (or just 'nasty' if 'corrupt' bothers you too much) politicians were affirmed.

That many are still willing to play within that structure -- and lecture we who are vocally outraged and trying to make change -- is our national, Democratic problem. That structure uses fear, the same fear they accuse the right of using. It''s childish and an insult to our intelligence.

If another Bernie rolls out in 4 years, we will shoot her/him down, too, out of fear, like this time. Remember when Obama was to usher in the Progressive Revolution? Who doubted he would (raises hand)? Those of you raising your hands, did you think the same of Bernie? No, you didn't -- he was the only, and maybe our last, honest broker.

I still don't know what I will do in November. I know this: I will be a Democrat to vote for Bernie supported candidates, if I have to. Otherwise, I revert back to independent. I am NOT a Democrat. Not anymore. Don't get me wrong, I haven't moved to the right. I have moved nowhere; perhaps I have moved left. The Democratic party moved to the right. I remain a lefty. I will join the new Progressive party that Bernie's revolution will usher in.

Lastly, especially Hillary supporters, she won. Now, put a lid on it for a minute and let the rest of us grieve.

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