I Am Working On A Project

For the last couple months I have been working on a project that has taken all my time and energy.  If it pans out I will be ready to deliver some high-quality early childhood education for some under-served families. I am very excited about it, but it leaves me little time for blogging and activism.

I am still here, and still working to end "deform" it's just that I am busy, so less active.

Interjection: My 9th grader son told me this morning that he opted himself out of the test this week. He simply refused to take the test, as The Bartleby Project suggests. He makes me proud, that awesome son of mine.

Also, if the project happens I will be affiliated with a 501c3 so you can all deduct the many donations you will make to the project, and feel good about your donations.

If this project happens --and I think it will-- I will be revealing my true identity as well. I have a couple blogger friends who have done so and it makes life easier. As soon as I am sure of the project reaching fruition I will have no need for anonymity.

So, forgive my absence recently. Press on. I am watching!

Details as they emerge.

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