Speaking Of The Pope...

Nell McCafferty rips into a Catholic rape defender archbishop:


Michelle Rhee: Worse Than The Pope?

Sex scandals are common. Here we have one involving the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin "KJ" Johnson, a teenage girl, and Michelle Rhee doing damage control for her beau, KJ. Where are the grown-ups?

From Jim Horn:
And somewhere between misappropriation of federal funds and the sadistic boot camps and the improper sexual physical conduct, Kevin [Johnson] and Michelle [Rhee] fell in love, so much so that Michelle became chair of damage control for Kevin, even as the plan to bring St. Hope to DC went off the rails. Kevin ended up paying back $400,000, no criminal charges were filed, Keven became mayor of Sacramento, and the Obama Administration fired Walpin, the IG who wrote the criminal referral on Kevin, who, by the way, is a round ball bud of the President. Cozy.

Black Friday Cartoon Fun: My Least Favorite Season Edition


Best Turkey Rap Ever

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday Cartoon Fun: We're Screwed Edition

Barbara Lee Speaks For Me

President Obama has decided to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  You can voice your opposition here by supporting Barbara Lee's bill.

Sentence Of The Day

From Jim Horn:
The KIPP dropout factories have become the sustaining illusion and delusion for the positive psychology hypesters like Broad and Gates and the glassy-eyed drones of Martin Seligman, whose entire urban reform system is built on a house of cards that continues to ignore the grinding poverty that sustains the achievement gaps for the bottom quartile of American children whom we have deemed disposable, all the while turning over their containment and permanent segregation, er, education to the corporate plunderers and leeches who are destroying our Republic.


Tuesday Cartoon Fun: The End Is Near Edition

Guernica In 3D

That Census Guy Committed Suicide

(Frankfort, Ky.) -- The Kentucky State Police Post 11 in London, with the assistance of the FBI, the U.S. Forest Service, the State Medical Examiner's Office and the Clay County Coroner's Office, has concluded the investigation into the death of William E. Sparkman, Jr.

The investigation, based upon evidence and witness testimony, has concluded that Mr. Sparkman died during an intentional, self-inflicted act that was staged to appear as a homicide. While all the details of the investigation will not be released at this time, the unusual level of attention and speculation attributed to Mr. Sparkman's death necessitates this release of information.

The investigation indicates that Mr. Sparkman died of asphyxiation/strangulation at the same location where he was discovered in Clay County, Ky.

Despite the fact that Mr. Sparkman was found hands, feet and mouth bound with duct tape, rope around his neck and the word "FED" written on his chest, analysis of the evidence determined Mr. Sparkman's death was self-inflicted. A thorough examination of evidence from the scene, to include DNA testing, as well as examination of his vehicle and his residence resulted in the determination that Mr. Sparkman, alone, handled the key pieces of evidence with no indications of any other persons involved.

Witness statements, which are deemed credible, indicate Mr. Sparkman discussed ending his own life and these discussions matched details discovered during the course of the investigation. It was learned that Mr. Sparkman had discussed recent federal investigations and the perceived negative attitudes toward federal entities by some residents of Clay County. It was also discovered during the investigation that Mr. Sparkman had recently secured two life insurance policies for which payment for suicide was precluded.

All tips and leads, including those from the public, were thoroughly investigated but were found to be inconsistent with any known facts or evidence.

It is the conclusion of the Kentucky State Police, the FBI, the U.S. Forest Service, the State Medical Examiner's Office, and the Clay County Coroner's Office that Mr. Sparkman died in an intentional, self-inflicted act that was staged to appear as a homicide.


The Bile Of East Texas, Past And Present

A sobering find and a warning: Obama is not JFK. Yet.
So as I thought about Congressman Gohmert, I decided that he is either a demagogue, a fool, or both. Of course, and to be clear, it would be indecent to ascribe to him the insanity of Congressman Baring's position. But here I suppose I am addressing the law of unintended consequences. If you with abandon promulgate such outlandish distortions of the truth, and feel it your duty to stoke the fires of our baser instincts to the point of hysteria over the utter destruction of the American system, do you bear responsibility when someone who ingests your bile responds violently?

As I thought about this, I came upon a coincidence...[the whole enchilada]
h/t Sully

The Science Of Teaching Reading: There Is No Right Way

Research on teaching reading is basically nonsense. Scripted curricula, hours of test-prep and a focus on testing are damaging our kids. They need to be exposed to all the stuff that makes up their world BEFORE they focus on the minutiae that we adults seem to thrive on. When will common sense make a comeback?
Conclusion (pdf)

We are nowhere near the time in which science can answer the question as to the best way to teach reading. Teachers will probably always need to understand and be skilled in a variety of ways of supporting and teaching students. If we really want to "Leave No Child Behind," we have to stop tying teachers' hands with scripted one-size-fits-all programs. We must allow them to do what they are trained to do, and spend a career getting better at—figuring out how the actual students sitting in front of them learn, and adapt their teaching to the students, not the other way around! (Which is part of the argument for small class sizes and small schools, but that's another topic).
h/t Ken Libby

Senator Will Legislate, Regardless Of Re-election Prospects

In an astounding 21 seconds, Senator Michael Bennet shows how to be a legislator! Watch and learn:

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