The Bile Of East Texas, Past And Present

A sobering find and a warning: Obama is not JFK. Yet.
So as I thought about Congressman Gohmert, I decided that he is either a demagogue, a fool, or both. Of course, and to be clear, it would be indecent to ascribe to him the insanity of Congressman Baring's position. But here I suppose I am addressing the law of unintended consequences. If you with abandon promulgate such outlandish distortions of the truth, and feel it your duty to stoke the fires of our baser instincts to the point of hysteria over the utter destruction of the American system, do you bear responsibility when someone who ingests your bile responds violently?

As I thought about this, I came upon a coincidence...[the whole enchilada]
h/t Sully

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