Michelle Rhee: Worse Than The Pope?

Sex scandals are common. Here we have one involving the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin "KJ" Johnson, a teenage girl, and Michelle Rhee doing damage control for her beau, KJ. Where are the grown-ups?

From Jim Horn:
And somewhere between misappropriation of federal funds and the sadistic boot camps and the improper sexual physical conduct, Kevin [Johnson] and Michelle [Rhee] fell in love, so much so that Michelle became chair of damage control for Kevin, even as the plan to bring St. Hope to DC went off the rails. Kevin ended up paying back $400,000, no criminal charges were filed, Keven became mayor of Sacramento, and the Obama Administration fired Walpin, the IG who wrote the criminal referral on Kevin, who, by the way, is a round ball bud of the President. Cozy.

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