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Help Me Fund My Blog Talk Radio Show

My computer died and I am using an old one that locks up and can't handle Skype. It also can barely play videos, and having more than 2 tabs open on my browser seems to tax the innards too much.

I also would like to go Premium at Blog Talk Radio. As it is now with my free account, I can only host a half hour show, not during prime time, and without Skype--which makes the archive, as well as the live show, much clearer than doing the show over the telephone.

A Premium account would also allow me to upload all the music I want, and I want to upload some cool rare stuff I have and do an occasional music show.

I don't have the $400 it costs for a year of Premium Blog Talk Radio, nor do I have a decent computer.

I get no money for blogging or administrating my various Facebook pages, nor do I get paid to spend inordinate amounts of time debunking Michelle Rhee, like I do. I do it all because it is important to me and to our future.

Please consider making a donation to help me get a wider audience so we can make education better for ALL children, especially our most vulnerable, impoverished children.

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