Mike Butz, The Prude Deadhead, Hates Blowjobs

Mike Butz is a Michelle Rhee fan and has even written for StudentsFirst. He says he's a Democrat, and I am sure he is. But he is very conservative, and now, apparently, he is showing he is also a prude.

He is not an educator; never was. He claims to understand science via osmosis. He rants and raves about how teachers, unions and districts don't know what they are doing, though he doesn't really know what they do. He constantly reminds us that he realizes poverty is a huge issue, he just doesn't think it's a huge issue in education. What? Yeah. That's his confused understanding of the root cause of our academic disparity.

He is also the kind of numbskull StudentsFirst loves; he's a registered Democrat, like the other DFER, neoliberals are, and he believes teachers suck, like all the reformers that never taught a day in their lives believe.

I mentioned this, with an off-color analogy that I thought was pretty good.

Mike was offended. Mike is a Deadhead. We have that in common. The prudishness Mike exhibits we don't share.

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Patrice O'Neal, R.I.P.

Patrice O'Neil suffers a stroke

Beloved comedian Patrice O’Neal suffered a stroke last Wednesday. The news was not confirmed until this morning on The Opie and Anthony Show. Fellow comic Jim Norton revealed the tragic news on air, sending his condolences to his friend.
According to Norton, Patrice's health condition is currently a mystery, as details about his state of recovery are still unknown.
"We don't know how he is. We don't know how he's going to be," said Norton. "I didn't want to do this by myself. I wish we had more news for you."
UpRoxx reported that Norton had made the announcement on air because he didn't want the information leaked by someone alien to Patrice.
"We wanted it to come from us," he said.
According to MSNBC, Patrice has received some words of kindness from avid fans. An email account, LoveForPatrice@gmail.com, has been set up for those who want to write something endearing.

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