Saturday Cartoon Fun: Camp Foreclosure Edition

Paul Conrad: R.I.P.

Three time Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Paul Conrad died today at age 86 in California. He worked for over 30 years at The Los Angeles Times, and drew some of America's best political cartoons for more than 50 years.


Friday Cartoon Fun: Bedbugs Edition

School Demographics

I was cleaning out an old hard drive and came across some old teacher stuff. This stood out because of what it says about a day (more like 190 days) in the life of a teacher.

This is from a lesson study I did ten years ago in a second grade classroom.
Languages and cultures represented in the class: There are 9 African American students, 3 Caucasian students, 4 Latino students, 2 Asian students, and 2 African students. All students speak and read English, though 2 Latino students are in Reading Recovery, 1 African American is a retained 2nd grader involved in special education, and 2 other students are at 1st grade reading level. 3 other students are above grade level.

Female to Male ratio: M__8___ F__12___

Class description: There is one student whose parents are in prison and she lives with her aunt and uncle. 1 student is from an alcoholic family, he comes to school hungry for food and attention each day. 1 student has 2 fathers (1 father is formerly biological mother, other father is former lesbian partner of biological mother, both now gendered male), 3 students come from obvious interested families and are above grade level in all areas. It is a challenging class, though a wonderful class, full of interest, vim & vigor, and lots of energy.
Note my positive attitude.


It's Too Hot

The heat is killing me.  Accuweather says it's 92, but it only feels like it's 98.  I am going to go stand in front of the open refrigerator now.


Tuesday Bonus Cartoon Fun: Contrast Edition

Do You Know This Kid XXIII: Updated

This little Jewish dude was born in 1952 near the east coast of America.  He is a famous actor who has been in a few blockbusters.  He usually plays the brainy parts.

Update:  Well, two of you guessed correctly (there were no other guesses).  That smiling baby is indeed Jeff Goldblum.  Congratulations to Anthony Cody and Althea.  Credit must go to Mr. Cody though, he got it within minutes of its posting.

Tuesday Cartoon Fun: Crocodile Tears Edition

Quote Of The Day: Waterworld Edition

Christopher Hitchens on Glenn Beck's rally:
The numbers were impressive enough on their own, but the overall effect was large, vague, moist, and undirected: the Waterworld of white self-pity.


Monday Cartoon Fun: Glenn Beck's Scheme Exposed Edition

The Best Card/Gift From The Bar Mitzvah

My kid likes knives.  On our Oregon trip this summer I got him one of those crazy knives that you pop open with just your thumb.  It's for whittling, or killing bears.  He loved it and made his arm sore on the day he got it popping it open repeatedly. The picture below is the very same knife.  It's a Smith and Wesson S.W.A.T. knife. What 13 year old boy wouldn't want one!

Many years ago my best friend, who had the coolest knife collection any little kid ever had, got a brand new Swiss Army knife.  He brought it over to show me--we lived across the street from each other.  While it was open I grabbed it out of his hand and nearly sliced his thumb off.  It was repaired.  It's a favorite story he likes to tell.  I think he tried to take it out of my hand--blade first.  We'll never know (he is probably right).

Now, about 35 years later, my friend, who still lacks feeling in the tip of his thumb, went on a European vacation and while in Switzerland purchased the same Swiss Army knife for my son that I used to slice his thumb.  He is a very funny guy and this is the card my son received with the knife:

The Glenn Beck Thing


Sunday Cartoon Fun: Be Careful What You Wish For Edition

h/t @TeacherSabrina via David Cohen

The Bar Mitzvah

Well, the Frustrated Son is no longer able to place all responsibility for his foibles onto me; he is responsible for his own foibles now.  What a relief!

He was incredibly poised up there on the bima.  Cool as a cucumber.

At bar mitzvahs it is customary for a senior member of the congregation to take the bima and present a gift from the congregation to the bar mitzvah.  The dude whose responsibility it was mentioned to those present that as he sat down next to my son, prior to his presentation, he told my son who he was and why he was there. He then told us that my son's response was, "Wicked!  Cool tie."  Now if that ain't confidence, I don't know what is.

There are many opportunities for family members to get confused because many of them are in the actual service, but most of them never got a chance to practice.  It's like a play, and the rabbi is the director, quietly and subtly moving people to the right spot, signaling when someone needs to go back to their seat, and so-on.  Well, my son took on most of that.  He was very, very impressive, and I am so proud of him.

It was a very nice service (if you're into that kind of thing) full of singing, clapping, little kids being cute, and proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends filled with pride.

The Frustrated Son's mom, who is a chef and restaurateur, made most of the food, which was frickin' delicious.  She made the lox creamed cheese for crying out loud!  At the restaurant this morning, where we all met before a couple trips to the airport to deliver those flying home, my best friend, who came up for the celebration, noticed that on the "specials" board there were a couple items that included "smoked salmon cream cheese."  She made more than we needed.

I will resume a more regular blogging schedule later today, or in the morning, after I am finished beaming.

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