School Demographics

I was cleaning out an old hard drive and came across some old teacher stuff. This stood out because of what it says about a day (more like 190 days) in the life of a teacher.

This is from a lesson study I did ten years ago in a second grade classroom.
Languages and cultures represented in the class: There are 9 African American students, 3 Caucasian students, 4 Latino students, 2 Asian students, and 2 African students. All students speak and read English, though 2 Latino students are in Reading Recovery, 1 African American is a retained 2nd grader involved in special education, and 2 other students are at 1st grade reading level. 3 other students are above grade level.

Female to Male ratio: M__8___ F__12___

Class description: There is one student whose parents are in prison and she lives with her aunt and uncle. 1 student is from an alcoholic family, he comes to school hungry for food and attention each day. 1 student has 2 fathers (1 father is formerly biological mother, other father is former lesbian partner of biological mother, both now gendered male), 3 students come from obvious interested families and are above grade level in all areas. It is a challenging class, though a wonderful class, full of interest, vim & vigor, and lots of energy.
Note my positive attitude.

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