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Another Reason For Obama

Keith Olbermann is right on the money! I appreciate his outrage. Hillary's RFK allusion is just disgusting and unforgivable. I can't wait for President Obama!

How To Close The Achievement Gap

Visit the Educator Roundtable.


Greg Palast: F'n Stud

I don't know about you, but I am having a hard time refuting anything this guy has ever said. Check out his poster explaining our current predicament.

Read his books. Do something, or get ready for $12/gallon gas!

My Favorite New Site!

Check it out!

You know the answer to the question, Is Barack Obama A Muslim?


The Correct Type of "Performance Review": Be f'n Amazing!

This little gem, and the graphic that goes with it (shown here) is a very smart take-down of the "improve your weaknesses" argument in any performance review. Instead, we should focus on our strengths and how to fill our weaknesses by using others' strengths. Read it!


Obama on Education

Obama discusses the problem: families. Once a kid is behind, she stays behind.


The Problem With Boys & Schools

Well, there isn't one according to this WAPO article and Sarah Mead. See what I mean about educational research? It simply sucks!


The Business of Education

Edwize has an interesting post up about the Education think-tanks and their ties to........MONEY! Check it out.


Brain-based Education: Fad or Breakthrough? (Hint: Fad)

Daniel T. Willingham talks about "levels of analysis" and how the studies screw it up. The gist is that 95% of the research is crap, as usual.

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