Obama on Education

Obama discusses the problem: families. Once a kid is behind, she stays behind.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this; the man certainly talks some sense. I get it; too many parents aren't getting the job done of preparing their kids for school (and life). Aside from eliminating poverty (good luck with that), Obama's proposal of making pre-school programs available to all kids, assuming they're free/affordable and high-qualify, seems the only viable way to get at this problem. I can't see the parent-education program proposed by the author of the LA Times article (Literacy Begins at Home, below), however massive and well-organized it may be, making a meaningful difference when parents are poor and/or without time and educational resources of their own.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I second that. Thanks for posting this. Yay loan-forgiveness program. While I understand this is a Obama-generated ed. ad, I can't help but note his clear-eyed understanding of what makes a solid education (Used to be a teacher).

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