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We're Getting Closer

Discovery Helps Researchers Close In on HIV Vaccine

(July 8) -- American scientists are touting a major stride toward a vaccine that can ward off HIV, after finding two key proteins that neutralize 91 percent of the virus' 190 strains.

The team of researchers with the National Institutes of Health's Vaccine Research Center hopes the antibody discovery can spur successful work toward a method of preventing HIV, which already afflicts an estimated 33 million people worldwide.


The Gaping Gap

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I wonder if this gap has anything to do with that other gap?

The Grateful Dead Sing National Anthem At 1993 Giants Game

Vince Welnick (the newest member), Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia sing the National Anthem at Candlestick in 1993.  Did you know they could sing?  CSN&Y taught them how! (h/t BB)


Poverty And The Achievement Gap: Married

(Reuters) - A murder in the neighborhood can significantly knock down a child's score on an IQ test, even if the child did not directly witness the killing or know the victim, U.S. researchers reported on Monday.

The findings have implications both for crime control efforts and for the heavy reliance on standardized tests, said New York University sociology professor Patrick Sharkey, who conducted the study.

They can also explain about half the achievement gap between blacks and whites on such tests, he reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [emphasis mine]

"It means being more aware of the potential for violence to have a reach that extends beyond just those victimized and those who witness a violent event, to reach across a community and affect all children in a community," Sharkey said in a telephone interview.

Sharkey compared data on crimes broken down to within a few blocks in a neighborhood with school test scores.
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Happy Fourth Of July

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