Anyone Can Be President

In her interview with Charlie, Sarah mentioned the wonderful notion that in America, anyone can become president. Let's just do a little deconstruction:

There are certain age and citizenship requirements that immediately make the "anyone can be president" meme false. But, aside from those 2 requirements, that's it. Those are them. You gotta be 35 and a natural born citizen. You don't have to be a college graduate. You can be gay. You don't have to be able to walk. You can be a decorated scholar. You can be a fucking moron. You can be president, 35-year old, natural born citizen!

When we use the word "can" we often mean "may" like when I fuck with the kids when they ask if they "can" do something, then I say yes, then they start to do it, and I say "stop, I didn't say you may". "Can" has implicit requirements--ability comes to mind.

Anyone can be president, if they can. Sarah Palin may be president. She can't.

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