A Note From A Principal


I noticed that you used your library time to work on other things [the library is not yet open, so the librarian stopped by with a book to read to my students. she is wonderful]. While there are needs in the first 2 weeks of school (eg- sorting emergency cards, setting up grade book), I expect you to actively participate in specials, including library[sic] you should link classroom/library instruction for your students. This book had some interesting sounds/ideas/language.
Well, what can I say. The librarian came into my classroom to read a story. I took that time, since for the first time the librarian was in my room and we were not in the library, to take care of the never ending business. So, I was at my desk, doing stuff. The librarian did not need me, indeed, it is her time! In fact, I do not know how I am to integrate my teaching with the random book the librarian chooses (it's fucking random, and I don't know what it will be till I see it!). The comment in the note seems pretty forced and useless, lacking any pedagogy. It's just a way to nitpick and make the principal think she is of some use.

This note is an example of a principal realizing there is nothing the new adoptions, or the "no" interventions, or robotizing of teaching can do to help close the achievement gap. So, they snipe on the littlest of things to show that they are doing something.

This is what is wrong with education.

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