A Sad Anniversary Today: September 11

Today is the seventh anniversary of the day Osama Bin Laden hired some Saudi's to fly planes into our buildings.

John McCain has claimed that he knows how to catch Bin Laden, but won't tell us unless and until he is elected president. WTF?!

John, if you know how to catch him, shouldn't you tell the authorities? Don't you have some military connections you could inform, and then take credit for catching the SOB?

Or would you rather hold your own country hostage in return for an election?

John McCain is a traitor, apparently. Please don't vote for him. He lies, calls women cunts, pushes ladies in wheelchairs, and doesn't know what Walter Reed Hospital looks like.

Oh, and he picked an unqualified person as his VP candidate. Get a clue America! McCain likes war, thinks it works, and will get us in another!

Let's hope the Republicans will not use today as a commercial for themselves.

Remember, it was THE REPUBLICANS IN OFFICE ON 9/11/01!!!

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