Sullivan Gushes Over Palin's Religiosity

Andrew Sullivan, erstwhile raging right-winger, has this to say about Sarah Palin's decision to keep her (?) Down Syndrome baby:
In thinking about this astonishing week, and what's to come, I want to go on record again as saying that the decision to bring up a Down Syndrome child is one of the most noble, beautiful and admirable decisions any person can make. That Sarah Palin is doing that says a huge amount about her. The love obviously being shown toward tiny Trig is also about as profound an advertisement for genuine, pro-life Christianity as you can have. It means that, in this respect, Palin has walked the walk of the pro-life movement - in ways that many others have not. In my view, and I mean this as passionately as I mean my criticisms of her public record, this really is God's work.
Seriously? It's God's work? It shows love? These two statements seem mutually exclusive to me. Either it is for love, or for Jesus. Of course, if you (like Sullivan and Palin, apparently) believe Jesus is love, then I suppose Andrew makes sense. Walking the walk of the pro-lifers seems to point toward Sullivan's prior take on the baby: that it is Bristol's!

Keeping the Down Syndrome baby is something, depending on why you are keeping it. If you are keeping it because your parents won't let you abort it, that is bad. If you are keeping it so you will get into Heaven, again, that's a bad reason. I have no reason to believe there is another option for the Palins. This is not love, this is blind devotion being spun as love.

C'mon Sully!

Update question: Why is it that atheists, with no moral compass or reason to behave, can't screw their way to population dominance? Rather, it's those God-fearing right-to-lifers who seem to be making all the babies. Maybe if they were to lose their religion, we would have fewer of them!

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