Us and Them

To the right, Sarah Palin is a hero (I'm on the left, so I don't know why).

To the right, Obama is an inexperienced, too-young community organizer from a "machine" town (Democratic machine, that is) who will talk you to death instead of fight.

To the left, Obama has shown himself to be bright, accomplished, thoughtful, and influential (Bush has already done a couple of the things Obama said he would do as POTUS).

To the left, Sarah Palin has shown herself to be a liar--AND WE NOTICED--a breeder prior to marriage (2 generations of said breeding in the family, incidentally) though touting the no breeding before marriage line.

What to make of this? I think the elite, effete left should move to the small towns of America, mochas in hand, and kick the living shit out of them.

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