Us and Them II

Here's the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans justify breaking the law when it is morally right, and then fight for exoneration based on the morality of their illegal action.

Democrats justify breaking the law when it is morally right knowing full well there is disagreement, and then take the consequences.

I can't remember where I saw it, or who it was, but a high ranking military officer said, referring to the ticking time bomb scenario, that if you choose to torture someone based on the TTB scenario, fine, BUT you must be willing--willing--to face prosecution for your actions. If you are so sure of your righteousness, then you believe you will probably be exonerated if prosecuted because the torture worked; and you very well could be exonerated. Republicans would say they deserved exoneration in this case simply because the torture worked. Democrats would fight for exoneration knowing they were in trouble, even though the torture worked.

Sarah Palin's Troopergate is being quashed by the Republicans. I just heard Tucker Carlson say that the trooper, since he was a jerk, should have been fired. He was dangerous, tasing kids and drinking beer in the car. Hell, if I was Governor, I might want to fire him too!

But, the problem is, he was disciplined for those things prior to Troopergate. The Troopergate thing is about abuse of power--Palin's illegally pushing for the firing of a completely different person (the trooper's boss who wouldn't fire him)--not whether or not some trooper should be walking around armed.

Therein lies the difference. A Democratic Governor would maybe fire (illegally) the trooper, but if caught, would succumb. A Republican Governor would claim the firing was righteous because the trooper was a dick, so, leave me alone!

Democrats, apparently, have a thing for the law (of course so do the 10 Alaska Republicans on the committee that approved the subpoenas in Troopergate that are being ignored).

Republicans (except those mentioned above, and I assume many more), apparently, have a thing for rising above the law and claiming the mantle of righteousness in spite of the law.

For Democrats, it's about preservation of the law.

For Republicans, it's about preservation.

Update: I have nothing to support this. But I still think I am right.

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