"Take These Flyers Home"

You know what I hate about my job? Handing out all the fliers from the Raiders, YMCA, summer camps, special interest crap, after-school classes that suck but someone wants to make money, and any other marketing foisted upon me and my students. Why in hell do I have to take my time and collate 2-10 pieces of paper (not to mention the homework I give) and hand it out to 20 kids. What a waste of time! And paper.

My principal handed out a COPIED calendar that was in flux. I suggested the many online calendar programs she could use and post to, and allow us to see it and keep up to date. This handout thing is the same. Make all this crap available as PDF docs, or just html that can be captured, I don't care. But don't ask me to spend 15 minutes getting a bunch of marketing together so I can be used as your delivery boy.

Pay for your advertising, like any other business! Pay me! Or I might recycle your flier!

Update: Fixed the spelling errors I found.
Update II: Fixed the spelling errors someone else found (how embarrassing!)

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