Alaska: Refuge From Armageddon

You knew this already, right? Sarah Palin believes in a personal god, one that controls everything, and when our world ends, Alaska will be a place of refuge for true believers.

These people are fucking crazy! You can be angry with me for disrespecting Wasilla Assembly of God, and I don't care! They deserve no respect. Hell, they refer to the rest of the country as the Lower 48. It's the Lower 48 that feed you!

Watch, weep, worry, then tell someone how scary Republicans really are (but don't speak in code like they do).
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Update: Here (My friend the witch doctor...)is some detail on what she was talking about in part of the video.
Update II: Detail of the withcraft...
The full Transformations video featuring Pastor Muthee’s story has recently been removed from YouTube but the rest of the story is detailed in a 1999 article in the Christian Science Monitor, as well as on numerous evangelical websites.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, six months of fervent prayer and research identified the source of the witchcraft as a local woman called Mama Jane, who ran a “divination” centre called the Emmanuel Clinic.

Her alleged involvement in fortune-telling and the fact that she lived near the site of a number of fatal car accidents led Pastor Muthee to publicly declare her a witch responsible for the town’s ills, and order her to offer her up her soul for salvation or leave Kiambu.

Says the Monitor, “Muthee held a crusade that “brought about 200 people to Christ”.” They set up round-the-clock prayer intercession in the basement of a grocery store and eventually, says the pastor “the demonic influence – the ‘principality’ over Kiambu –was broken”, and Mama Jane fled the town.

According to accounts of the witchhunt circulated on evangelical websites such as Prayer Links Ministries, after Pastor Muthee declared Mama Jane a witch, the townspeople became suspicious and began to turn on her, demanding that she be stoned.

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