Republicans Are Socialists!

With the public bailing out the financial institutions, we have entered a phase of Republican Socialism. Yes, the "ism" they love to hate, wrap around Democrats, and laugh at, is now what they are. And they have become financial socialists by declaring war; war on Iraq, the middle class, poor people, schools, intelligence, believability, reality, truth, regulation and much more.

Folks, especially you right-wingers who like to come here to see what we on the left think of you and yours, wake up. McCain, and the Republicans, are not helping you. They are making you less safe, less solvent, less secure in your person and your wallet; they think you are stupid.

Grow a pair and vote for the brains, not the celebrity, real man, hockey mom (with $2500 coat) that you think are so American. The founders were educated elites, and would want you to be too.

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