Cal Berkeley Office Of President Uses "michelle rhee whore" As Google Search Term

Here is a screenshot of a visitor's search terms along with some other information. Notice that the person accessed TFT from the Office of the President at UC Berkeley, and they used "michelle rhee whore" as their search term.  Funny, I know!

Now, I am not trying to get anyone in trouble, and I don't think I will.  I also don't think this was Cal's president doing the searching (but someone in his office.  Or him!).  The search led him/her here.

I have another service I use for this kind of thing with more details, but I don't care enough to look into this any further.  It's just funny that the West Coast's premier institution of higher learning has faculty/employees who are just like the rest of us--foul-mouthed-Rhee bashers.

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