I Was Born This Way

Conservatives use fear to get their point across, but you knew that. As Prop 8 goes down in defeat the right is using fear, as usual. They say gay marriage is an assault on straight marriage. Of course, they don't say how. They imply it though. The implication is that young kids will become enamored of the gay lifestyle (whatever that is) and become gay and subsequently marry gay if they are exposed to it.

Is there anyone out there who has become gay due to being enamored of a person's gay lifestyle they came in contact with? How many of these conservatives watch tv? Millions watch that show with Neil Patrick Harris who is famously gay. Millions of them enjoyed to Ted Haggard's preachin'. Okay, these examples suck because the gay lifestyle isn't shown.


Thousands of soldiers have known some of their fellow soldiers were gay--and they lived together without straights becoming gay (or gays becoming straight for that matter). There have been blockbuster movies exposing the gay lifestyle (IOW, gays being human) without audiences all turning gay. And of course, there is the movie Deliverance, where a very straight guy with a perty mouth is made to do something gay and then goes home to ass-fuck his wife (which is sooo gay). (I just wanted to reference Deliverance, the only movie Burt Reynolds ever acted in.)

Sexuality is different for everybody. People get off on different things. Surely even conservatives understand this as they tend to be more deviant than most--and I am not knocking deviance (unless it is harmful). We are what we are.

I have had students who come from homes with two gay parents. Those kids present (show up) with no differences than kids from straight homes (actually, in my experience kids from gay homes seem a bit more grounded and ready for school). Indeed, kids from gay homes grow up both straight and gay (and in between), just like kids from straight homes grow up straight or gay. How the hell do you think we got straights and gays? They were born.

We are lucky that the youth of America see through the nonsense. Within a few years there will be no more discrimination of gays enshrined in law. But that's just the legal battle. How long until we actually respect each other's differences? It doesn't look good.

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