Smart Advertising Executive Gives Democrats A Lesson In Marketing

A friend of mine started a blog. This appears to be the first post.  Yeah, he's pretty smart.

End Bush Billionaire Bailout
By Josh Weltman

If Democrats want to end the “Bush Tax Cuts” they should all start calling the program the "Bush Billionaire Bailout.”

Democrats have good ideas. Ending the the Bush Tax Cuts is a good idea. Letting the cuts expire would raise the tax rate 2% on the wealthiest Americans, people who make over 250K a year. Some even make over a billion. During a recession, when times are tough, asking the strongest to carry a bit more weight is a good idea. It should not be hard to sell. But Democrats are bad salesmen.

Time and time again, Democrats stand helplessly by and watch Republicans paint shitty ideas gold and sell the sparkling turds to the American public. Getting “Government off people’s backs,” ending the “Death Tax,” the “War on Terror,” are all proven bad ideas wrapped in great words that sell hard.

But Democrats don’t even know how to sell their good ideas. I don't know why. Maybe Democrats think their ideas are so good they'll sell themselves.

They won't.

Maybe they think selling will over simplify their nuanced elegant programs, plans and solutions.

It will. That's the point.

People don't want nuanced and elegant choices. People don’t even want good choices. People want easy choices. Good salesmen know this. Republicans know this. Democrats can’t seem to get it through their thick pointed heads.

Why, for example, if Democrats want to get rid of the Bush Tax Cuts, are they calling them the "Bush Tax Cuts." Who doesn’t like a “Tax Cut?” I like “Tax Cuts.” Every American likes a "Tax Cut." They are never going to sell Americans on ending a "Tax Cut."

Democrats control the White House, the House and the Senate, but what’s frustrating as hell is their unwillingness to take control the political debate. -- To sell their ideas.

They let Republican strategist control the debate. They let Fox News control the daily news cycle. And they let pollsters like Frank Luntz control the words used to frame ideas.

Democrats should take control of this one. And sell it hard. Get together and pull a Luntz. Rename the “Bush Tax Cuts” the "Bush Billionaire Bailout." -- Americans hate bailouts. You don’t need no high priced Washington pollster to tell you that. Try it. And listen to what people say.

It’ll sound like this.

A Billionaire Bailout! Are you serious! During a recession? With one in six Americans out of work! Republicans want to continue the "BUSH BILLIONAIRE BAILOUT!

No freaking way!

That Billionaire Bailout thing has got to stop! And anyone who wants to keep that Billionaire Bailout thing, they can take a hike too.

Listen Democrats. Hear that? Don’t it sound sweet? It’s the sound of Americans buying a good idea.

Are you sold?

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