NBC: Nurturers Of Ignorance

Wow, talk about an epic fail.

NBC's Education Nation's Facebook fiasco has become a sad commentary on what ails us.

There was a post by a typical Fox viewer over there who was saying things that were untrue, like tenure means a job for life, unions don't care about kids, the whole misinformed thing.

I responded to him in a comment explaining the truth.  He came back with an anecdote about something that didn't relate and I thought about him.  Then I thought about the fact that he was being read by NBC News.  I then left a comment saying NBC should read what this guy is saying and respond and set the record straight with some actual facts. I mean, if they are going to be a "news" organization they ought to spread the news, right?  And what better evidence their news-spreading talents were needed than that guy's comments.

Well, the poor guy took his post down, along with the comments, and sent me an email claiming he is not a country bumpkin. He was not too convincing. That's not fair of me. But he didn't indicate he was better informed than I had thought.

So here we have NBC News putting on a massive education summit where the uber-rich oligarchs that run the world will sell their bullshit to an ignorant public they are only to happy to keep ignorant.

Two words for you, NBC: Epic Fail

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