Miseducation Nation

You probably know about the NBC Arne-fest about to happen called Education Nation.

They have a Facebook page that is "A place for your thoughts on the greatest challenges, most exciting opportunities, and innovative ideas on education in America" and where they "hope to create a conversation about the challenges but want to focus on the solutions."  Interesting that they want to have a conversation about challenges, but focus on solutions--before they have talked about the challenges!!??  The only problem is they keep banning participants who disagree with the notion that too many teachers suck, and Arne, Bill and Eli should be in charge of education policy.  Most teachers don't suck, and those 3 dudes don't know what they are talking about when it comes to education.

They have banned me as well as many, many others also because we complained about the incredible lack of parent and teacher voices that will be represented at Education Nation.

Don't be fooled. NBC, whose websites are all hosted by Microsoft (msn.com), are on the reform bandwagon and aim to make a killing with this broadcast.  The teacher panel will be lectured to by Gates and Rhee.  It won't be a conversation.  It's a load of nonsense.

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