Education Nation: The Controversy: Updated

Anthony Cody, Gary Stager and I, among others were banned from Education Nation's Facebook page.

As a result I created Miseducation Nation to counter the one-sided perspective being pushed by NBC, Oprah and Waiting For Superman.

The admin of their page asked to talk to me about the banning and about my counter-page.  He called me tonight and we talked for a long time about the need for teachers to be an integral part of the conversation, especially since they have, by actions, made it clear that they think teachers are the problem.

He told me he didn't want it to seem that way and that they (NBC news) are not biased. I told him bias is as bias does, and they're pumping out pretty biased crap!  It was then quiet for a minute.

I told him, since he asked, that I would not take down my Miseducation Nation page. I told him if I see evidence that Education Nation is making their production more level--by un-banning all of us and letting us post as we choose, even if others complain--would prompt me to say something about that on Miseducation Nation.

Were you banned?  Leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

We shall see.

Update: Anthony, Gary and I are back, and Education Nation has set their wall default to show every post.  Good for them!

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