Blame The Neo-Liberals For School Privatization

Doug Noon at Borderland is one of my favorite edubloggers. He's up there in Alaska, near Russia.

Doug posts about once a week, maybe more, maybe less. He has two posts up this week that I think are pretty important.

This post is a must read. In it he quotes Lois Weiner's response to Diane Ravitch's new and important book. Lois has a different take on how we got here. She blames neoliberals, those free-market lovers who think the market can solve all our ills. She has a point, and you need to hear it. I have embedded the video that Doug transcribed--Lois begins at about 22 minutes in, after Diane Ravitch.

The second post Doug has up discusses the RTTT/ESEA nonsense through the Weiner-inspired lense now available to us, thanks to Doug.

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