A Teacher's Dilemma

I want to take my kids on a field trip to the zoo. I want to because I found out that one of my second graders has never been to the zoo! That's right, never. He lives no more than 10 miles from the nearest zoo, and no more than 20 miles from a really big-city zoo. I can get it done, no problem. I have some money (? mom2015) for the bus, and probably enough for admission; I hate asking parents for money.

In order for a zoo trip to be any fun for the kids, I need parent volunteers to come with me so I can break the kids into small groups, facilitating easy access and transit to and from display to display. I am sure I will get enough parents, and I will make it clear that any extra parents will need to pay their way. Also not a problem, usually.

Now the dilemma: I am pretty sure one of the parents who will want to come is a tweaker, a methhead, a drug addict. The grandmother (bless her) is raising the kids because mom is in and out of rehab. She happens to be out this month. I cannot give her a group of kids at the zoo. I cannot make that obvious to her, or her kid, or the other kids. It's a dilemma.

Have a nice day!

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