Let's Talk Turkey

unedited version!!

I understand the outrage about Sarah Palin's "death-to-turkeys" interview. People in America who don't kill their own food (most of us, except Ted Nugent) are taken aback when they see the slaughter. Well, gross as it is, deal with it. If you want to eat turkey, then you might have to see one get dispatched.

My dad used to say that if you want to drive, you're going to have to put up with the occasional oil spill. I think he was right. We lefty, vegan, holier than thou types should probably just shut up about the Palin Turkey Interview as it relates to interviews and interview etiquette.

And that nonsense that Sarah Palin did not know about the slaughter? Bullshit. She is so full of shit her voice is straining to hold back more shit. If she had stood by her moose-killing, caribou-eating, wolf-hunting persona--her true persona--I would (as you see above) have no problem with the interview. But when she starts lying about it to make her seem like she is taken aback, when indeed she would probably be happy to slit the turkey's throat herself, then I get confrontational.

She is a lying liar, and she tells lies.

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