Hey, Academy!

Tonight is the Academy Awards ceremony. The nominees, winners, and most of those attending are all members of a labor union. Their swag baskets are worth a year's salary of most of their fellow labor union members, like teachers, police officers, fire fighters, sanitation workers, hospital workers, and countless others.

If these millionaires gave a shit about America they would shut down the awards in solidarity with their union brothers and sisters and fly to Wisconsin, rent a shitload of heated trailers and hire their personal chefs to make the protest a bit more bearable.

But, they won't.  They'll say something about how the public expects to see their beloved celebrities get their due, or that it's a tradition in America, the world's cinema.

These people have power and they should use it for good.  "With great power comes great responsibility." --Uncle Ben (Peter Parker's uncle)

Please feel free to take this image and use it liberally

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