The Education Voices You Need To Hear Are Here

-Was Gerald Bracey wrong when he helped us understand how statistics in public education are manipulated for political purposes?

-How many lectures and invited talks does Diane Ravitch have to do before someone actually hears what she's saying?

-When will Deb Meier be taken seriously when she talks about the power of small democratic schools?

-Does Alfie Kohn really need to continue to point out the lack of research supporting the current high standards movement?

-How much more research does Linda Darling-Hammond have to produce that demonstrates that teacher education works?

-Why is it so hard for people to believe Steven Krashen's reporting about the failure of so-called high school exit exams?

-How many blogs does Anthony Cody have to write about a system that devalues public schools and teachers?

-When are people going to give Bill Ayers the credit he deserves for struggling for decades to elevate teachers and teaching to its well-deserved place of prominence?

-When will Valerie Strauss's education pieces get a chance to move the American public?

-How hard is it recognize the ability of Rick Ayers to use an analogy in describing how single metrics and MBAs damage public schooling?

-Why is Shaun Johnson's description of the "ruinous culture" of high-stakes testing only talked about on a local AM radio station in central Pennsylvania?

-When will more people read Anne Geiger's blog?

-Why is Fair-Test not regularly cited in mainstream media when discussions of education reform focus exclusively on achievement tests?

-And maybe most importantly, when are parents going to be listened to?
For the original with a link to each important educator, please see Timothy D. Slekar at HuffPo.

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