Steven Brill Gets Math Lesson About Charter vs. Public Schools

Steven Brill wrote a bunch of crap in the New York Times Magazine and is taken to task by Valerie Strauss:
Charters vs. public schools: Behind the numbers

...It is worth noting that education historian Diane Ravitch reported in her book “The Death and Life of the Great American School System" that only about 100 of the 40,000 homeless schoolchildren in New York City public schools are enrolled in charter schools.

Charter school advocates don’t have to make bogus comparisons to boost their argument in favor of an expansion of these institutions.

The truth may not be as compelling, but it has the virtue of being, well, true. Some charter schools are excellent and work wonders with kids. Some do an average job, and some are awful. There is no evidence that charter schools are the silver bullet that will “save” public education....[emphasis mine]
h/t Valerie Strauss

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