There Will Be A Public Option, But...

The way I understand this, the public option will only be for the currently uninsured. If this is the case, and I heard it discussed somewhere (Countdown w/ Anthony Weiner?), the public option is not an option for everyone. Instead it will be offered to those with no insurance. That means that those of us with employer-based health care will be stuck in it, with no opportunity to switch to the public option. Which also means there will be virtually NO competition. Competition was supposed to be the cost control. Now it looks like we will be forced to buy insurance, fined if we don't, and we get the same options we had before (all for-profit, money-grubbing firms like Aetna, Cigna and HealthNet) except that those companies now have some more of my taxpayer money, thanks to this stupid bill.

If I am right (comments, please), this is not health reform, and the public option is not public.

We need single payer, not this load of crap. A non-public public option is insulting.

I have a couple links in the sidebar where you can look up your senator and/or congressperson and write to them.

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