Hey Sully! I'm One Of "These Atheists" (You Condescending Brit!)

Andrew Sullivan, the self-proposed homophobic, gay, conservative, Catholic essayist, has decided to write on his blog (you know, the one that is saving The Atlantic?) that atheists are arrogant and sneering.
Jerry Coyne blogs from the atheist meeting that took place over the weekend:
Dan Dennett talked about interviews with active priests and ministers who are atheists, and also mounted a hilarious attack on theologians like Karen Armstrong, who mouth pious nonsense like, “God is the God behind God.” Dennett calls this kind of language a “deepity”: a statement that has two meanings, one of which is true but superficial, the other which sounds profound but is meaningless. His exemplar of a deepity is the statement “Love is just a word.” True, it’s a word like “cheeseburger,” but the supposed deeper sense is wrong: love is an emotion, a feeling, a condition, and not just a word in the dictionary. He gave several examples of other deepities from academic theologians; when you see these things laid out — ripped from their texts — in a Powerpoint slide, they make you realize how truly fatuous are the lucubrations of people like Armstrong, Eagleton, and Haught. Sarcasm will be the best weapon against this stuff.
They're really charming, aren't they? It is as if everything arrogant about the academy and everything sneering about cable news culture is combined into one big snarky smugfest. Maybe these atheists will indeed help push back the fundamentalist right. Maybe they will remind people that between these atheist bigots and these fundamentalist bigots, the appeal of the Christianity of the Gospels shines like the sun.
"Maybe these atheists will indeed help push back the fundamentalist right" or not. Certainly continuing to believe in fairy tales, and that the "Christianity of the Gospels shines like the sun," is not going to help (I think that quotation is a "deepity")!

For all Sully's brains, I don't understand how he continues to believe in his religious fantasy. Isn't his mighty intellect sublime enough?

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