Colbert Softballs Duncan

Corey makes a great point, one that I also thought of as soon as Duncan said it:
2.) Duncan said that he wanted schools to serve as community centers and that they were often the heart of a neighborhood.  I'm not sure how this is compatible with his desire to create more charter schools, most of which are not true neighborhood schools.  Does he want traditional public schools to serve as community centers only for those students not enrolled in charter schools?  Or perhaps he wants charter students to attend school elsewhere but attend events and participate in after-school activities at the nearby traditional public school?
Arne also made a strong pitch that Colbert should take an interest in education (even though Colbert's is complete) because it's the educated folks who watch his show, and more education means more educated kids, ergo more money for Colbert!! I know it was in jest, but that's how these education reformers think--how will it make me rich?

A disappointing spectacle. Stephen, you blew it.

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