Arne Duncan: Full Of Hope, Not Much Else (Like Brains)

Duncan's testimony is largely a summary of previous statements. He begins the session with a discussion related to the recent report about student safety (this GAO report, released Monday, outlines). "I was deeply disturbed by some of the testimony coming out of yesterday's hearing," Duncan said. Was he disturbed by the reports about KIPP Fresno? The physical safety of our children is certainly important; the psychological and emotional safety should be a deep concern as well, a concept ignored by the charter chain gangs and philanthrocapitalists. We've banned pedagogical approaches that employ corporal harm; I hope we eventually outlaw pedagogical approaches that are psychologically and emotionally degrading, the kind of education designed to break children down instead of recognizing our human capacity and inherent value of every child. This testimony is only what Duncan hopes to do - but he'll be backed by philanthrocapialists and the business community. His endless stream of bogus statistics and questionable logic needs to be demystified so that the rest of America can see that the Education Emperor is not wearing any clothes:
h/t Schools Matter

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