The Speech John McCain Should Give

This is in response to this. John McCain has nothing left. Most of America knows the following, so, give up, Mac!
The speech John McCain should give:

My fellow Americans, Republicans have been lying and manipulating you now for several decades. We must admit that we have done more than any other political force to destroy your wealth, to misuse the military, to put incompetents in appointed office, and to make special interests richer while at the same time we have become expert at manipulating your fears. I apologize for the Republican party's damage to this once great country. I also apologize for picking Sarah Palin who has nothing to say of any consequence except to play on your desire to find some simple minded explanation for problems that are complex. No, my fellow Americans, "drill baby drill" is a pathetic manipulation of the public desire for an immediate solution to the energy problem. Look, the truth is that Barack Obama is a better man than I. He is more careful about considering the solutions to problems, he takes care not to make rash judgements and he cares more about all of you than I do. What can I say, I am sorry for being part of such a sorry political party that did more than any force in our society to destroy our security. Its ironic that in the 50s we worried about Communists, but we need look no further than ourselves to see the problem. In spite of that, if you can forgive us, vote for me and we will start over. Thank you and may God forgive my party.
Well said, Paul Nolan, a commenter at RCP.

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