The Election Gets Really Ugly

I think the McCain campaign should just go away. I fear that if they don't, someone might get hurt! Two examples of this happened today. One each for McCain and Palin.

They were giving speeches, trying to get anyone to vote for them. Because of who they are and what they stand for, their crowds are filled with assholes. Dangerous assholes.

One shouted that Obama is a terrorist, and McCain said nothing.

Palin had a guy shout out "kill him" in reference to Obama.

Now, I am no shrinking violet, and I usually don't put much weight on stupid statements by morons. But these morons are different because they are motivated by hate and fear. We all know what hate and fear will get you.

So, McCain: Get it together and denounce these statements. Do it publicly, and do it in the morning. Remind everyone that anyone who foments that kind of hate and fear is an accessory to anything bad that may befall Obama. And if you don't, you are also an accessory. Indeed, you are an accessory right now, and your silence is as good as an endorsement of the two statements. I think you agree with them because I have not heard otherwise. Prick.

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