Sarah Palin Is Right About Americans

We all know what Sarah Palin and John McCain mean when they "wonder" about Barack Obama. They are trying to paint him as "different" and "risky". Sarah Palin said that Obama doesn't see America the same way "we" do. That got me thinking.

Palin is right. When she is up in front at the rally, spouting her bile, she is speaking, as a member, to a group of people who at this point occupy the base of the base of the Republican Party. These people are the ones who think Jews and black people are ruining everything. They are the ignorati, the closed minded, the sheep. They do not see America the way Obama sees it. They see America as a white, Christian, cowboy, ass-kickin', nigger-hating, Jew-baiting bastion of beer and chips, where people are free to read absolutely nothing and watch reality shows for hours and hours on their flat screens they got 2nd mortgages to purchase, shoot wolves from helicopters, and secede from the union.

I mentioned in a previous post that McCain has now decided to denounce the hateful words that come from the mouths of the mob. However, it is clear that the mob is not happy about this turn of events. McCain now has nothing. He can't use fear because he said he won't, and his base hates him for it. He can't use anything else because he is basically a failure. Good riddance, McCain campaign.

So, the next time you hear a Republican say "You don't see America the way I do" say thanks and remind them how badly they are going to lose this election, because it is they that are the minority now! Most of America see themselves the way Obama sees America. And so Obama will win.

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