Republicans Steal Elections: Don't Let Them Do It Again

RFK Jr. and Greg Palast have a story in Rolling Stone about how the Republicans are trying to steal this election too. Here is the first paragraph, which should scare you:
These days, the old west rail hub of Las Vegas, New Mexico, is little more than a dusty economic dead zone amid a boneyard of bare mesas. In national elections, the town overwhelmingly votes Democratic: More than 80 percent of all residents are Hispanic, and one in four lives below the poverty line. On February 5th, the day of the Super Tuesday caucus, a school-bus driver named Paul Maez arrived at his local polling station to cast his ballot. To his surprise, Maez found that his name had vanished from the list of registered voters, thanks to a statewide effort to deter fraudulent voting. For Maez, the shock was especially acute: He is the supervisor of elections in Las Vegas.
Steal Back Your Vote Video

If you think Obama is going to win in a landslide, shut up about it. We need everyone to vote to offset the attempt by the GOP to steal this election.


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