McCain Surrogate: We Will Invade Iran!

Well, almost....
McCain Surrogate -War With Iran Is Certain

By Cernig

Republican William Grayson, president of a San Francisco hedge fund company and former general counsel for the San Francisco Republican Central Committee - and "cleared by the McCain campaign to serve as a McCain surrogate":
"Let me assure you of this," Grayson said after the student presentation on foreign policy. "The next president, whether it is Senator Obama or John McCain, will go to war, and he will go to war with Iran.

"They are very busy developing nuclear weapons. They will use those nuclear weapons against Israel or any of its allies, and that is a war that we're going to fight," Grayson said.
This in a speech to students at Dominican University, CA.

His opposite number, Tony West, there as a representative of the Obama campaign said simply:
"I do not believe it is a foregone conclusion that this nation will go to war with anybody in the next four or eight years."
Well no, it isn't - at least not if McCain and his couterie of angry neocon nutters are kept out of the White House.
h/t Newshoggers

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