A Young Journalist's Take On Biden

Spencer Ackerman (formerly of TNR, stupid bastards) who writes Attackerman has interviewed Biden a few times. Biden, like the universe, is yin and yang, dark and light, up and down, so on and so on. But what shines through is the fact that Biden doesn't bullshit around. He is a serious guy, a wonk, and it is apparently obvious to those who meet him. Here is Ackerman's best description from his post:
Something else that struck me from our interviews. Biden is many things, but he's absolutely not intellectually insecure. I've seen his key staffers argue with him on important, substantive points of policy -- war policy, even -- while I was in the room, notebook out, voice recorder on. Once Biden agreed to an interview about the war after coming back from an eleven-hour flight from Libya, and was disturbingly sharp, and so was his key foreign-policy aide, Tony Blinken. A lot of politicians keep yes-men around. Biden keeps intellectual counterweights around, both his staff and the press, to keep himself sharp. Whatever his faults, he'll be ready to govern from the start.
I am thrilled about Biden as the choice. I like the fact that he argues, has opinions, and takes no shit. Forget the other nonsense about plagerism (not really) and credential padding (more like parsing). The guy will be an asset to an Obama administration. So, just shut up!

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