More Education Myth Debunking: Learning Styles

Learning Styles. Multiple Intelligences. Blank Slates. Ghosts In Our Machines. Noble Savages. Jewish Popes. These things do not exist. They are products of our minds, and as such hold great weight, even though they are wrong. You know how these things work--something that is not true is said enough, and heard enough, that everyone just believes it, even though the something is blatantly, obviously, demonstrably false. An example: Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9-11. It was said enough that many believe(d) it. And it effected our behavior. We started a war and killed a bunch of people. So, believing things that are untrue can be very dangerous, even when everyone thinks they are true.

Now, this video by Daniel Willingham debunks the learning styles myth. It has been debunked in many places, fortunately (just Google "learning styles debunked). Watch, and enjoy the feeling of "ahhhh, I thought so!"

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