Who Should Obama Pick?

Good grief! Obama should, and apparently did, pick his VP based on what he wants, not what the game may enjoy. But, he gotta play the game, right? It's unfortunately looking more and more like he is going to have to play the game to get elected.

How horrible is it that the one candidate in my voting life that has morals I want to support (like not pandering--to anyone) may be required to pander to a bunch of whiny, in need of catharsis, foot-shooting Clinton supporters by making her his VP. I don't think it will happen because I think Obama is pretty sure he wants to be the president when he gets elected, and not the Clintons.

But is the race so tight that Democrats risk losing to McCain? Looks like that may be so. So, do we need to play the game and start getting behind a Clinton for VP thing? Maybe! But you watch, it will be Biden!

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