What Does She Want?

Who knows what is going on in her head. Her speech last night was missing an important statement: "Congratulations Barack on your historic nomination. I will be here to work and fight for you. It has been an honor to run against you, and if I had to lose to anyone, I am glad it was you" or something like that. But, no. What we got, and then heard from Lanny Davis on CNN (I saw it with my eyes, no link) was the distinct possibility that she will take this to the convention.

Disgusting! Pompous! Arrogant! Divisive! How could she?!

Well, if she has shown us anything, it is that she can do whatever is in her interest, no matter what. So many Clinton supporters have said "Don't worry, we will come together" and "Why not let her fight on? She has every right!" Yes, I suppose she does. But doesn't she have a responsibility to the party and the country? Is it really all about her 18 million supporters, and not about his 18 million supporters? Oh, and HE WON! Jeebus!

She will not be VP. She shouldn't be. She is allowing her supporters, and using their mantle, to hold the party hostage by claiming misogyny. What a pile! Sure, there has been sexism, racism, ageism, mixed racism, shrillism, coolism, and I don't know how many other isms. But Barack Obama won the nomination, and he will be president--unless Hillary doesn't see it that way.......stay tuned!

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