It's Over!

Well, Hillary suspended her campaign today, finally. She did not release her delegates. She did not even get to the suspension till near the end of her speech. I cannot believe the whole thing went on this long, and still some want to pin some of the blame for the unseemliness on Obama. I don't see it. The sexism, I don't see it. Misogyny, again, don't see it. Unless you mean Glenn Beck, or Rush or O'Reilly, I just didn't see it. Sure Chris Matthews says stuff that could be considered, well, ill advised, but he's not sexist. Nor is Olbermann. But they get the feminist heat all right!

Shakesville is one site that refused to engage in anything but ad-hominem attacks. They claim the mantle of the LBGT community, preaching tolerance. Go look at the comments on some of the Obama v Clinton threads. Disgusting.

Should we associate Clinton with Shakesville? No, we should not. But, identity politics is the way we roll in America, for the next few months anyway. Here's hoping we get out of our identified funk, come together as the totally funky party, and funk McCain into oblivion (you know, beat him in November)!

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